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Trendiest Tribe in South Africa


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Welcome to the Trendiest Tribe in South-Africa!

Trendtribe was born from a vision of connecting shoppers, influencers and local suppliers and brands – all on one mobile app.

Trendtribe is South Africa’s the first affiliate marketing platform that launched in 2020. We cater for all brands and influencers. From Start-up companies to the corporate big shots. Our influencers/models/celebrities range from micro to mega influencers. Our aim is to narrow down the gap between brands and influencers by means of a mobile application where brands can send out push notifications about specific campaigns / launches they would like to run with a wide variety of influencers reaching into their target markets. All our services are pay-as-you-go. You only pay for the services used and we said NO to monthly subscriptions.


Download the Trendtribe mobile app on your Android or iOS mobile phone where you can do the following:

  • Follow your favourite local influencers
  • Shop directly from influencers’ page and support local businesses
  • Create your very own Wishlist of products, or like & share products with friends and family


  • Join Trendtribe as a brand, whether you have physical products to sell, or even just services
  • Reap the benefits of our large base of influencers promoting your products and/or services on both their own social media platforms, as well as the Trendtribe app where we will upload and showcase your instantly shoppable products
  • Create & launch your own, unique affiliate marketing campaigns with your influencers to grow brand awareness and increase sales
  • All affiliate marketing campaigns are managed by Trendtribe on your behalf to ensure peace of mind for brands to focus on servicing customers and sending out those orders
  • Track and manage campaigns via our mobile app for detailed statistics on views, clicks and sales to ensure effectiveness of all campaigns


  • Become a part of the Trendiest Tribe in South-Africa for the opportunity to grow your brand, gain followers & generate income
  • Apply for campaigns created by our brands on the Trendtribe mobile app, track your own campaign data (Clicks, sales etc.)

Join the Trendiest Tribe in South Africa!

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